A Bigger Picture

Kids Digital Media Consultant

Senior Writer, Moxie (Embodied, Inc.) (2022). Wrote conversational dialogue, stories, and jokes for AI kids robot companion Moxie, 2022’s most-awarded AI product for the home.

Worked with game designers and NLP team to create more organic, conversational UX between scripted and AI generated (GPT3-assisted) flow between robot and child.

Creator, writer, producer “LAUGHING HISTORICALLY” (2022) 11-minute history-based comedy podcast series for kids age 8-12. Currently shopping produced pilot to production partners.

Creator, writer, producer “THE LEAK” (2021) Sketch comedy podcast series for kids age 8-12. Currently shopping produced pilot to production partners.

Consultant, writer MIKO 3 (2021-2022) Interactive conversational dialogue, educational and activity module scripts for personal kids AI robot. Focused on creating a seamless UX experience bridging third party modules and in-house scripted content; consulted on content and language suitable content for U.S. consumers.

Creator, writer, producer Bansho (2021) “NINA’S NEW YORK CITY” of series of one-minute live-action/animation hybrid videos covering unique features of New York City. Licensed to Bansho educational video app, also available on YouTube kids.

Co-creator, co-writer, co-executive producer PINNA (2019-2020) “MONEY ON THE SIDEWALK” 20 episodes of kid-on-the-street gameshow podcast for kids aged 9—12. Creative direction from concept through live production; script writing; producing/directing segments with real kids on the street and in schools.

Co-creator, co-writer/composer, co-executive producer PINNA (2018-2019) “THE FURRYTONES” 20 episodes of award-winning preschool musical comedy podcast series for kids audio app. Creative direction of development through casting and production; script writer, music and lyrics; music production.

Freelance writer DESIGNER GREETINGS (2018) Concepts and copy and for over 100 humor cards for the “A Little Salty” line of cards.

Scriptwriter DISCOVERY CHANNEL (2010) “CASH CAB” Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award as writer on game show that surprises unwitting riders in real New York City cabs with trivia questions and cash prizes.

Scriptwriter Cartoon Network (2010) “MAD”  Emmy-nominated animated sketch comedy show based on the classic humor magazine, airing on Adult Swim programming block.

Freelance scriptwriter THE DESIGNISTS (2006-2008) Video scripts for production company, including on-air promos for Nickelodeon and Noggin, commercials for Nick Jr. Arcade and NeoPets, and family travel videos for Go City Kids.

Contributing Writer NICKELODEON MAGAZINE (2000-2008). Published over 30 humor pieces in kids magazine from Nickelodeon.

Scriptwriter Nickelodeon (2003-2004) “TEENICK SPINS THE BOTTLE” Wraparound show with celebrity guest hosts performing stunts and games with live audience. Wrote host scripts for celebs including David Spade, George Lopez, Jennifer Garner, others.

Head Writer, On-Air promos NICKELODEON (1999-2001) Wrote, assigned, and edited :15 and :30 tune-in spots for daily shows and special programming stunts.

Freelance On-Air Promos Writer (1996 — 1999) Scripts for clients including ESPN, The GameShow Network, Rosie O’Donnell Show.

Segment producer, scriptwriter USA Network (1995) “USA LIVE” Live, daily wraparound show around 3-hour programming block featuring celebrity guests and comedy sketches with a studio audience.

Scriptwriter, segment producer COMEDY CENTRAL (1995) Was one-half of a creative team that churned out weekly/daily :15 and :30 interstitials based on current events.

Scriptwriter PBS (1992-1996) “WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?” Wrote more than 30 geography-based parody songs performed by house band Rockapella for Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning kids geography show.