I shop at Gap Kids. For myself.

And when I’m not, I specialize in creating and writing comedic stuff for kids my size and under (that’s roughly age 12), including podcast series, animation, interactive conversations, narration/host copy, songs, game shows, jokes, and scripts for toys and electronics (including AI).

For startups in the kid space, I consult on editorial processes and age-appropriate content, backed by my 20-plus years doing children’s writing for brands including Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and PBS, and more recently in the AI robotics sector for Miko and Moxie.

I love to make boring stuff interesting, and I love to work with new media and technology to shape how next generations will laugh, play and learn!

I have mostly been doing this with my adult life, minus a stretch of time where I was a home organizer with an estate sale business. Because that happened.

Formerly of Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles, I live in New York City with my husband, who is a jazz recording artist and composer.


Daytime Emmy Award Nominee, “Cash Cab” (Discovery Network)

Parent’s Choice Award, “The FurryTones” (Pinna).


Children’s Media Association


Tell me what you need, and let’s do it!

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Idea generator
Concise, witty writer
Wicked organized
Excellent communicator
Size of a 12 year-old