I write funny stuff for kids, which, as a former class clown, I’ve been doing pretty much since I was seven years old.

My debut was a comedy sketch for a neighborhood talent show in which a fisherman hooked a series of unexpected catches on his fishing pole. I did not win said talent show.

Through sheer luck I was recruited right out of (Emerson) college to write for the now-legendary PBS kids game show “Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?”, where I wrote lyrics for over 30 songs by the now-legendary house band Rockapella. None of us had any idea that any of it would become legendary.

Backed by decades of hilarious experience, I continue to write and develop kids TV, podcasting, and digital content and I also consult for companies who want to get or keep kids attention.

I love to make boring stuff interesting, and I love to work with new media and technology to shape how next generations will laugh, play and learn.

Formerly of Boston, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles, I live in New York City (again) with my husband, who is a jazz recording artist and composer and who joins me in making up ridiculous songs all day around the house.

Daytime Emmy Award Nominee, “Cash Cab” (Discovery Network)
Parent’s Choice Award, “The FurryTones” (Pinna).

Children’s Media Association
Women in Animation

Age 11: Groucho Marx Halloween Costume
Age 11: Groucho Marx Halloween Costume