The FurryTones

From a pig barn dance to a bat baby shower to the grand opening of an elephant car wash, every 12-minute episode follows the travels of best friends and bandmates (Jangle, Boom, Bip and Allegro) The FurryTones!

Their adventure always starts with a phone call from their parrot manager Bobbi-Bobbi, who has a juicy new gig for them. They get to work writing a custom song just for the occasion, and usually run into some kind of snafu on the way to the gig, but they always make it to the party on time and ready to rock.

Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Apple Podcasts and the Pinna app, along with albums of music from the series, “And We Are a Band” and “All Fur One, One Fur All!”

The FurryTones was co-created, written, and executive produced by me and McPaul Smith in association with Pinna.

Voice direction by Holly Gregory, produced by Samiah Adams and Ilana Milner, and starring Barron Bass, Dylan Jones, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, and Robin Virginie.

All music written and produced by me and McPaul Smith.