By Embodied, Inc.


conversational dialogue



for AI kids robot companion Moxie, 2022’s most-awarded AI product for the home.

Worked with game designers and NLP team to create more organic, conversational flow between scripted and AI generated (GPT3-assisted) content.


Consultant and writer for Miko 3, the advanced personal kids AI robot.

Wrote —

Interactive conversation dialogue

In-app UX copy

Educational module scripts

Activity module scripts


Focused on creating a seamless experience bridging third party modules and in-house scripted content.

Consulted on suitable language and content for U.S. consumers.

The FurryTones

The FurryTones are a band of four rockin’ foxes who write songs and play music for animal celebrations. Listen for Boom on bass, Bip on drums, Jangle on guitar and Allegro on keyboard. With the help of their parrot manager Bobbi-Bobbi, these bandmates can get any party starty-starty!

Stream all 20 episodes of seasons 1 and 2 on Apple Podcasts and the Pinna app, along with music albums, “And We Are a Band” and “All Fur One, One Fur All!”

The FurryTones was co-created, written, and executive produced by me and McPaul Smith in association with Pinna.

Produced by Samiah Adams and Ilana Milner, voice direction by Holly Gregory, and starring Barron Bass, Dylan Jones, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, and Robin Virginie.

All music written and produced by me and McPaul Smith.

Winner of a Parent’s Choice “Fun Stuff” Award!

Money on the Sidewalk

Money on the Sidewalk is a live-action, guerilla-style game show podcast for kids ages 9 — 12.

Host TJ Del Reno surprises real kids on the street, where they answer irreverent questions and perform silly stunts for real cash prizes!

Co-created, written, directed and executive produced by me and McPaul Smith in association with Pinna.

Stream all 20 episodes of seasons 1 and 2 on the award-winning kids audio app Pinna!

Nina’s New York City

This series of one-minute videos created for the kids educational app Bansho showcases unique things that 11-year-old Nina loves about New York City.

Created, written, shot, edited and produced by me.

Currently viewable on YouTube Kids.

Voiced by Penelope Mascia.

Theme music by Peter Kavanaugh.


(Adult Audiences)

Wrote UX copy and microcopy for app including landing page, results page, error messages.

Designer Greetings

(Adult Audiences)

A few of the more than 100 humor card concepts and copy I have sold to Designer Greetings, one of the largest greeting card companies in the United States.